Making My Dream of a Man Cave Reality


Original Man Cave Space!

The photograph to the left is how the space for my man cave space originally looked. My house, although in decent condition did need work. I can be handy at times, with enough time, but the need for a contractor was apparent.

I love baseball, football and basketball. To be specific I love the New York Yankees, New York Giants and the New York Knicks. Yeah, I said it…I love the New York Knicks!

I knew that I wanted to a sports theme to my man cave. However, I didn’t just want a sports theme, I wanted a sports bar!


The interior of the house needed to be painted, the kitchen needed to be renovated and the hardwood floors needed to be sanded and stained to go along with other things. Any contractor could take care of that but when it came to my man cave it somehow became complicated.

I was becoming beyond frustrated. I knew what I wanted but it seemed no matter the contractor I met with, he just didn’t get  it!

“I want a bar placed right here” I said to each and every contractor I met with. Most of the replies left me scratching my head. The straw that broker the camel’s back was when one specific contractor said I could pick out cabinets from Home Depot.

“Okay but what about the top of the bar?” I asked. His reply? “I’m not dealing with that.”

I had already hired a painting company to take care of the interior of the house. He and his crew arrived as promised. “Hey would you happen to know of a good contractor?” I asked him.

“I know the best contractor. I’ll give him a call” he replied.

My the owner of the painting company gave the contractor a call and he just so happened to be on a job site not too far away. A little over two hours later he arrived and I walked him down to the basement.

As I had done countless times I explained exactly what I wanted. He listened intently and looked at me.

“Not a problem. I can take care of everything” he said with an air of confidence.

“What about my bar? I had a contractor tell me to go to Home Depot” I said to him.

He laughed and looked at me.

“There’s only one way to do your bar correctly. I’m going to build it from scratch” he said to me.

The price seemed low for the entire house project and I was skeptical. However, the contractor seemed like a decent guy and as the price wasn’t overly low I decided to pull the trigger.

My Custom Bar!

With the renovations of my condominium combined with my insane work hours I was having difficult getting to my house to check on the progress.

My contractor was texting photographs of the renovations in progress but not one photograph of my man cave in progress.

I finally was able to get to the house and entered to my house to the sound of work in progress. I quickly walked down to the basement and turned the corner when I walked to the bottom of the stairs.

I was shocked! As promised the bar was being built from scratch and the granite counter top I selected was already installed.

“I’m sorry. We had to cut the granite. It was too heavy and large to get down here so I needed to have it cut” he said to me apologetically.

“No…it’s fine. Looks great” I said to him with an ear to ear smile.

Not only was my contractor delivering on the agreed upon renovations to the house but he was nailing my man cave.

I was never so happy when the renovations were completed.

I couldn’t have been happier with my custom bar below!


Finished Bar



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